Aberdeen schools may close after the summer due to teacher shortages

Ross Thomson, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East Region, said: “I welcome the fact that Education Secretary John Swinney will come to Aberdeen on Monday, but his predecessor was warned about this more than eight months ago and the Scottish Government has completely failed to act.

“The council has been very open about the problems it has faced in recruiting retaining teachers, despite a range of initiatives including cash incentives and offers of low-cost accommodation. We asked last year for assistance in the shape of a weighting allowance to take account of the high cost of living and for a review of the funding settlement for local authorities.

“That was ignored and we are now in danger of some schools having to close their doors. The SNP council group, meanwhile, has denied there is even a problem in this city.  “Make no mistake, the Scottish Government has had ample opportunity to help Aberdeen and indeed other councils across the North of Scotland.  Mr Swinney must now take decisive action to protect the education of hundreds of pupils in this city.”